Twinkle Toes – (40 min)

18 mths – 2 ½ yrs
(Ballet / Tap) Basic knowledge of ballet movement through play & creativity.  Tap – learn basic rhythm & coordination.

Happy Feet – (50 min)

3 ½ – 5 yrs
Basic ballet foundations, basic tap rhythms, and jazz technique are incorporated into this class.

Kinder Dance – (1 hour)

5 – 6 yrs
Expanding on the basic knowledge learned in Happy Feet.

Prima Ballet – (45 min)

5 – 6 yrs
Basic ballet foundations are taught, practiced, and developed.


Junior Classes (7 – 10 yrs)

Double Discipline (1 hour)

Developing dancers coordination, rhythm, flexibility, and self expression through technique, terminology, and choreography.

Hip Hop (40 min)

This class focuses on rhythm, musicality, and basic footwork while incorporating no suggestive moves or lyrics.

Junior Ballet (40 min)

Further developing basic ballet foundations through technique, choreography, and terminology.

ACRO DANCE (90 min)

A style of dance that combines dance technique with acrobatic elements.  Involves unique choreography seamlessly blending dance and acrobatics.


Intermediate Classes (11 – 13 yrs)

Single Discipline (45 min)

Lyrical dance combines many technical elements of ballet, jazz, and modern through self expression and storytelling.
(Hip Hop/Lyrical/Ballet/Jazz/Tap)

ACRO DANCE (90 min)

A style of dance that combines dance technique with acrobatic elements.  Involves unique choreography seamlessly blending dance and acrobatics.


Senior Classes (14+ yrs)

Single Discipline (1 hour)

(Hip Hop/Lyrical/Contemporary/Ballet/Jazz/Tap)


Adult Classes (18+ yrs)

No Experience – Hip hop (1 hour)

(Sept. – Dec.) 10 week session


Classes held next door at HARDCORE Studio


Introductory/Beginner → Individuals who have minimal or no knowledge of, or experience with Pilates.

Essential Mat
→ Individuals with some knowledge and experience with Pilates – someone who has taken Pilates classes on a casual basis.

Intermediate/Small Equipments
→ Individuals with plenty of experience with Pilates – someone who has been taking classes regularly for at least a year.

Medium-high impact training class targeting your CORE as well as strengthening all other muscle groups (upper & lower body).

**Class categories are subject to change, the studio reserves the right to cancel/change classes due to low enrolment.


INVITATION ONLY (Ages 5-7 yrs)

This class is formed together by instructors/directors consisting of students within the age group and from the same technique level.  Students that show potential to be part of a future competitive team.

Here they will be pushed to see how much they can grow within the year and to ‘get a taste’ of the dedication and hard work it takes to be a part of a competitive team.  Parents and students can decide from here if they would be interested to audition for the team.

*Must take the ballet class in addition to the Pre-Competitive (Jazz/Tap).  Does not automatically make it into the next season’s competitive team must still audition.





Jazz – body-fitting dance wear. Proper jazz shoe. Hair off of face.

Tap – body-fitting dance wear. Proper Tap shoe. Hair off of face.

Ballet – Hair tied back in a bun (ponytail), Black leotard with white or pink tights, ballet slipper.

Lyrical/Contemporary – Hair tied back in a bun (ponytail), body-fitting wear (tank-top, short or long tights, leotard), foot-undies or barefoot. Footless tights optional

Hip Hop/Street Jazz – any type of ‘street’ wear and or comfy wear. Indoor runners.

**Absolutely NO jeans, baggy sweaters and/or other day-to-day clothing permitted**



  • There is a 10 minute grace period for late-comers. Since it is unsafe for a student to walk in and start dancing without a proper warm-up; we ask you to try your best to be on time.
  • Only in-door shoes and dance shoes are permitted in the dance/fitness studios.
  • Proper attire is expected. Please follow FUSiON’s Dance attire guideline. Proper attire allows instructors to evaluate incorrect technique.
  • Absolutely no toys, gadgets or cell phones are allowed in class.
  • Food, gum and drinks are not permitted in the studio with the exception of water.
  • It is important that students listen and keep talking to a minimum during class as it is a learning environment.
  • All parent inquiries can be addressed in between classes only. Please no interruptions during class (with the exception of emergencies).
  • Gossiping and disrespectful remarks within the studio walls as well as outside (especially when representing FUSiON) will NOT be tolerated.
  • Missed Classes; January onward, each class will be working on a specific routine for our year-end show, therefore attendance is crucial. We understand classes missed due to illness, in these cases we ask that a phone call be made ahead of time to inform the teacher(s).
  • Class Cancellations; The studio reserves the right to combine or cancel classes in the event of low attendance. The studio reserves the right to cancel classes due to inclement weather or other emergencies and no make-up classes will be issued. Please call the studio after 3pm (weekdays) / 9am (weekends) for a message regarding class cancellation.
  • Smile, have fun, love to perform & support not only FUSiON members but all who are associated within the performing arts community!