Ticket Sales Announcement

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We are excited to announce that our 7th Annual Dance Recitals will take place on; Monday May 22nd, 2017 @ The Scotiabank Convention Centre.   “Can’t Stop The Feeling….Keep Dancing” – Monday May 22nd @ 11:30 pm SHARP Entire Studio (All Recreational dances & All Competitive Team Group dances) “Competitive Showcase” – Monday May 22nd @ 4:00 pm SHARP All Competitive Team dances (Groups + Solos, Duets, etc.) Tickets for both shows will be priced at $24 each. Commonly Asked Questions: Why are you having two shows and which one would you recommend for me?  Our Competitive Team has grown and there are a lot of extra numbers (Solos, Duets, etc). Including all these numbers in our regular show would make it VERY long.  With your best interests in mind, we have decided to provide 2 shows that will each complete within 2 hours a piece, both having a slightly different focus. Recreational parents should purchase tickets for our 1st show “Applause”.  This show will contain all Recreational and Competitive Team group dances. **Note: If your child would like to be in the audience with you when they are not performing,  you will need to purchase them a ticket.  The only exception is for Twinkle Toes as they may sit on a lap.** Competitive parents should purchase tickets for our 2nd show “Competitive Showcase”.  This show will contain all Competitive Team group dances in addition to all Solos, Duets, etc. When and where can I buy tickets for these amazing shows? Tickets for Can’t Stop the Feeling….Keep Dancing will go on sale Wednesday May 1st at 10 am. Tickets for the Competitive Team Showcase will go on sale Monday May 8th at 10 am Tickets for both shows can be purchased online here: http://fusiondance.ticketleap.com/ Please note: Tickets will need to be presented to gain access to the Scotiabank Convention Centre Theatre. You can present your tickets at the door using the Ticketleap app,  showing the PDF file on your phone, or by printing your tickets. TIP: try printing them 2 or 4 per page.  Tickets for these shows are non-refundable.  If you end up with extra tickets you may sell or gift them to others as you see fit. All forms of recording are prohibited.  Flashes are distracting to performers and having phones, cameras, or tablets held up to record the event can ruin the experience for other guests.  Videos of each show will be available for purchase at a later date. How can I achieve the best ticket purchasing experience?  If you plan on purchasing tickets as soon as they go on sale we highly recommend that you allow the system to choose seats for you. The ticket site (Ticketleap) is set up to automatically select seats for you that are as close to front and center as possible. When purchasing tickets on the site, you will be given the option to let the system select the best seats available from any section, or try to get tickets in a specific section as shown here: Here is a map of the sections that have been configured.  The Floor sections are the row of seats that do not require stairs to access. But what if I really want to pick my own seats or have special requirements?  If you attempt to choose your own seats, the process will take additional time and other users will be able to purchase the seats you are trying to select before add them to your cart.  This will result in an error, and you will have to start the process over again (having to pick alternate seats).  Only do a manual selection if you would like to be farther from the stage, or are purchasing tickets after the first 15-30 minutes that tickets go on sale.  This should minimize the chance of the seats you want being purchased while you are in the process of selecting them. For those with special requirements we have created the “Floor” section.  This row of seats is at ground level and we ask everyone to be considerate when purchasing seats in this row.  It should be used when purchasing tickets for someone that would have difficulty navigating stairs or accessing the standard rowed seating.

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